Network characteristics

Definition: Informal network of agents

N° of actors involved: 2 (updated to 17/12/21)

Network members: Research Centers, Universities and Enterprises (Italian and European)

Managing Organization: MRUV Project APS

Network Finality: create a community of stakeholders and potential investors

Consortium characteristics

Definition: Legal Entity

Involved Parts: data not available

Network members: Research Centers, Universities and Enterprises (italian and European)

Managing Organization: data not available

Consortium Finality: coordinating and regulating the scientific research activities

Universities and institutions potentially interested

  • University of Padova, 1 course of study, network member , aderente al network
  • Ca'Foscari Univeristy , 3 Departments, membership application in progress
  • IUAV Venice, 1 Department, membership application in progress
  • University of Bologna
  • Genova University
  • Italian National Research Centre (CNR), Centro di Ricerca Nazionale
  • IsMar-CNR, Institute of Marine Science
  • CMCC, Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change
  • Anton Dohrn Zoological Station ,: request in progress
  • ISPRA,Superior Institute for Research and Animal Protection
  • Patras University
  • Aegean University
  • Hellenic Centre for Marine Research
  • Bourgogne University
  • Sorbonne University
  • French Institute for maritime exploration
  • Barcelona University
  • University of Santiago de Compostela
  • Institute of Maritime Science (ICM)
  • Lisbonne University
  • Algarve University
  • Algarve Centre for Maritime Science
  • Antwerp University
  • Ghent University
  • Flanders Maritime Institue
  • Groningen University
  • Amsterdam University
  • Netherlands Institute for Maritime Research
  • Bremen University
  • Max Planck Institute for Maritime Microbiology
  • German Consortium for Maritime Research
  • Copenhagen University
  • Denmark Technical University (DTU)
  • Centre for Biological Marine Research
  • Global Maritime University (WMU) 
  • Stockholm University
  • Sweden Maritime Research Institute


  • European Centre for Biological Marine Resources (EMBRC)




The goal of the administration and coordination of the network structure is to favour an agile, efficient and transparent planification of activities and effective decisions in project priority.

  • The Consortium will have legal address in Italy, and will be managed by national entities, but participation will be at an European level. Projects will be scheduled and executed on the basis of the specific interests of the different entities.
  • Such an administrative structure will allow for a flexible organisation, which will easily adapt to internal and external pressures. On the contrary, a purely European Consortium would be more rigid and less resilient. organizzazione flessibile, in grado di adattarsi rapidamente alle pressioni interne ed esterne, al contrario se il Consorzio fosse gestito a livello europeo la struttura sarebbe rigida e poco resiliente.


The goal is to to develop a network of relationships between public and private, national and international entities. Such network will also have a positive impact on industrial and technological development. e mantenere un personale operativo di provenienza europea e competenza differenziata tramite incentivi di carattere fiscale e professionale.

  • To work in an international team of scientists and to take advantage of such unique infrastructure as well as the technologically advanced instrumentation. These features, together with a work environment which is highly geared toward professional development, will generate a competitive employment offer.


The goal is to to develop a network of relationships between public and private, national and international entities. Such network will also have a positive impact on industrial and technological development

  • Collaboration between research institutes, universities and european companies will be fundamental in guaranteeing a technological transfer. This, in turn, will allow innovations developed at MRUV to have an impact on the outside as well.
  • A collaboration between private and public is considered a Horizon 2020 foundation pillar by the European Union. It is considered a foundational instrument which will guarantee the transfer of ideas from laboratories to markets, and promote a sustainable, smart and inclusive development.



finanziamenti e mantenimento

finanziamenti e mantenimento


The successful development of the whole MRUV project will only be possible through the participation of national and European institutes committed to research and innovation. Shared understanding of the fundamental value of the present revolutionary project is fundamental.

  • Financial concentration of different European Investors will allow MRUV to successfully capitalize and invest in modern instrumentation, necessary for the research output, for collection of quality data and to ensure competitiveness.
  • Participation of multiple EU actors will allow for centralisation and consequent reduction in cost for the single institutions. diminuendo conseguentemente i costi per i singoli attori.


To conduct experimentation, projects and specialised education, both for public and private entities, will create substantial value for technological and industrial enterprises. sperimentazioni, lavori e formazione specialistica a progetto (per enti e soggetti privati), potrebbe creare un enorme valore aggiunto al mondo delle aziende informatiche, tecnologiche e industriali.

  • The vessel and the HQ will be made available for external actors to conduct experimentation using the local instrumentations and enjoying technical expertise. conduzione di sperimentazioni di mezzi o strumenti richiedenti un particolare supporto tecnico o l’ausilio di spazi attrezzati.

  • Thanks to the exclusive technical, logistical and support capabilities of the vessel, it will be made available for commission of off-shore underwater operations. lavori subacquei offshore su commissione, date le enormi potenzialità tecnico-logistiche e di supporto che potrà offrire.

  • The vessel facilities and instrumentations would be made available for high formation courses carried by external actors. condurre corsi di formazione altamente specialistici.


Scientific dissemination media content would generate direct income and increase the public exposure of the project, which in turn will increase its fundraising capabilities. contenuti divulgativi, oltre a generare in delle entrate, incrementerebbe esponenzialmente la conoscenza generalizzata del progetto, potenziandone indirettamente le capacità di autofinanziamento tramite campagne di fundraising.

  • The production of documentaries will generate revenue and increase the international exposure of the vessel. Such documentaries could be streamed at local events, such as the Annual Film Festival of Venice.
  • Finally, the public outreach of the project will be fundamental in increasing general awareness on individual action for the achievement of global and ambitious goals. In a way, each one will be able to participate in the development of the project.